Variations of Hooligan sub-cultures have been around from the era of authoritarian corruption that ailed the street of any given major city. The antagonistic mentality that surfaced from the distresses of impoverished life fueled frustration and instability in the youth that saw no way of self-expression other than furious street demonstrations and vicious clashes. Representing a squad, representing an ideal, representing a way of life that stood up to the errs of social injustice, Hooliganism broadened itself into a label set up by the State to stamp down on individuals for insubordinate behavior, rendering it a crime in the West. With a fervent Hooligan spirit, we hail Hooliganistan, a subnation of brutes and neanderthals brazen enough to attempt to fit into a world of suits and ties.

We are in full support of providing an outlet for a youth in rebellion through arts and culture.

Inspiring the man in you.